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TSI has a fully fledged Offshore Development center located in Hyderabad, India. TSI has the capability to provide cost effective and reliable IT services through any one of the below models:

  • Time and Material Model
  • Remote Delivery Model
  • Co-Managed Outsourcing Model

Time and Material Model:

Through the Time and Material Business Model, TSI offers its clients the flexibility to alter specifications based on upcoming market trends. This model is suitable for projects in their initial stage of development where specifications have not yet been clearly defined. The client may revise the size of the TSI team and at the same time, optimize the cost and duration of the project.

In this model, TSI creates project teams with the required team members, project managers, infrastructure based on project requirements. The majority of our onsite services are delivered in this model. Our flexibility and goal is to provide the best customer service.

Remote Delivery Model:

When you move your processes Offshore, you need to be sure that your Offshore Delivery Center (ODC) is set up and managed efficiently and conforms to your working standards. As your Offshore delivery partner, TSI will work with you to ensure smooth transition of knowledge, processes and delivery responsibilities to our ODC. Once the transfer and training steps are complete, we function as a seamless extension of your organization delivering lasting value.

Co-Managed Outsourcing Model:

Co-managed outsourcing is an extension of traditional outsourcing that provides for an experienced manager from your organization to be stationed at our offshore delivery center. You may choose to opt for this model if you strongly believe that customer contact management should remain within the enterprise - but lack the infrastructure or expertise to manage a contact center operation internally. The onsite presence of an experienced company manager boosts corporate confidence, while taking maximum advantage of our knowledge of local laws and culture.



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