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Why: Organizations have identities of users and customers spread across incompatible and independent applications. Fast-forward to today's complex architectures, and identities are still represented in any number of ways. They can be found in Active Directory, relational databases, LDAP directories, or stored in the cloud. Unfortunately, all these different identity protocols act as a virtual tower of Babel, preventing your applications from working together easily or sharing information and functions between them.

Within such an independent system, manual provisioning of identities is time taking and not real-time, authentication is tougher than it needs to be because a user might have conflicting entries across systems. Synchronization is also increasingly difficult as you expand services or user base increases. If attributes are scattered or locked in applications, each with its own protocol, your synchronization and security processes cannot access them. Inflexible, static, and hard-coded group membership also hinders authorization policies. In short, these messy and overlapping user stores make it impossible to deliver the seamless and integrated experience you hope to offer your customers.

How : TSI brings expertise in Identity Management solutions to integrate various applications under Identity Management Platform by enabling organizations to have automated provisioning, de- provisioning and better management of identity access privileges spread across various applications.

Identity Management solution saves your IT team hundreds of hours. IDM solution is more regulated, controlled and automated. When a user joins your organization, transfers to another department or leaves, an intelligent provisioning action (based on your policies) is triggered in real time. Any event or even a change in a role for a short-term project modifies the user's access privileges instantly and accurately.

Tool Set:

  • CA Identity Manager
  • Oracle Identity Manager
  • Sun Identity Manager


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